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Beauty Skin Deep

18 September 1987
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Anything in my posts are just MY opinion and may or may not be factual. Stories told are in my point of view...of how *I* experienced it or how *I* saw it... EVERYONE has DIFFERENT opinions! Please don't be offended by anything said by me. If you are offended in ANY way, please contact me personally and don't make a big deal outta it involving other people. ((It's just stupid! And no one wants to hear your complaining over something like this!!)) If I bitch about something or someone.. it's how I'm feeling at THAT moment.. It doesn't necessarily mean that I HATE what I'm talking about FOREVER... It's my mood at THAT specific moment!! Some people change their moods just as much as they change their underware! ((Lol.. Not me ..I ain't that bad with changing moods!)) ... ALSO, remember... I'm a *GIRL*... Girls have MOOD SWINGS.. Ohhhhh, yessss they do! LOL .... And, if you don't ever want your name mentioned in my journal-- Just lemme know! ((Sorry)) ...It's not like EVERYONE reads it anyhow!... No one probably does! I'm sure a few of my close friends have read bits and pieces of my journal . . . And if any "strangers" read it -- Hey even better.. They don't know who the hell I am or the people I mention! I'm not writing for people to read it.. I write in here basically because it takes up time at work... and gives me something to do when I am bored! I think you get the drift I'm sending to ya'll .....*SMILE*